#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

So, this week we reached the point where it is just 100 days until Santa Claus comes to visit us all, and already I’ve seen Christmas items on the shelves despite the fact Halloween hasn’t even been and gone yet. Enough of me moaning though, it’s time for my #ScreenshotSaturday favourites.

First up this week we have Way of the Sinner by CZ Games, a nice little fighting game with an interesting art style that shows the fighters as black silhouettes. Not too keen on the voice acting but can’t quite put my finger on why. Can’t complain about the graphics though, I love the way it’s illustrated when an attack is blocked or a powerful strike is landed, reminds me of the fight scenes from DBZ. Here’s a little clip demonstrating some of the game’s combat which has a brutal end for one of the fighters.


Next up we’ve found a game about Cats, and we all know how I love the kittens. The Cats of Ulthar by Neurocreativa is a game based on HP Lovecraft’s homonymic tale, it’s also a reimagination of the classic. The story is based in the village of Ulthar, where an old couple takes delight in torturing all the cats that approach their mansion. Alice, a girl who recently lost her kitten near the place, decides to take courage and enter the home of the old savages with the hope of saving him. But that night is different, an unusual storm and strange events will complicate that rescue.

Here are some lovely screenshots of the game:

Along with Cats and Zombies, I also really like my sci-fi too. Hence why our final inclusion got a nice little mention because who doesn’t love walking around as a giant mech shooting stuff up? Here’s Pantropy by Brain Stone GmbH.

And that rounds my favourite #ScreenshotSaturday finds this week. We’ll be on the lookout for even more next weekend, but until then why not check out the ones above by finding them on social media and showing an interest in their hard work.

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