#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

As its mother’s day, today’s edition of our #ScreenshotSaturday favourites comes a little later than usual as I’ve been spending my day with my lovely Mum. I could do today’s piece mother themed as a celebration, but, I think I’m too lazy to actually search that hard to find three games about mothers, plus we already did a wonderful little feature HERE listing our top five mothers in gaming.

So, first up today is a game called The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, a survival strategy game where you build, discover and craft in order to survive the harsh world around you which is full of monsters. It’s developed by Xigma Games and although we’ve not got some cool behind the screens footage from them, or snippets of a work in progress, they have released this new trailer which shows the game off in all its glory.

Next up we have another trailer, this time for a game being released later this month. Long Gone Days is an indie RPG developed by BURA currently available in Early Access if you pre-order it before its release on March 29th. Combining elements from visual novels, shooters, and dystopian fiction, this 2D modern-day character-driven RPG looks to be a rather tasty title.

Finally, we have some beautiful screenshots from the indie JRPG Edge of Eternity developed by Midgar Studio. I love me a strategic turn-based combat game at the best of times, but when it looks this good? Damn son. Can’t wait to see this one being released.

And that is it for another week. Make sure you come back again next Sunday for another dose of our #ScreenshotSaturday favourites.

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