#ScreenshotSaturday favourites

It has been a fair while since our last one of these, but since it was the start of the new year I thought I best get back onto it. Afterall, it was quite a popular piece, especially with some of the small indie developers we showcased.

So, first up this week in our #ScreenshotSaturday favourites is an untitled survival game by SZ Interactive. This small clip shows off some of the work they’ve done with the weather system, specifically the lighting when its midday with cloudy skies and the wind blowing snow across the valleys. It’s the little things like this that really make a good game great.


Next up we have got a familiar face who we featured last year; Call to Arms by digitalmindsoft. This hybrid game combines an FPS game with RTS elements, giving you an innovative new take on modern era combat games. The clip we share this week shows off one of their trailers displaying what gamers can expect if they join in the dogfight.


And finally, to wrap up this week’s #ScreenshotSaturday favourites we have a metroidvania-style action RPG called Feudal Alloy which is developed by Attu Games. In this indie title, you explore a huge medieval world full of fishbowl-powered robots of which you can see a couple of the enemies in the below clip that demonstrates some combat mechanics.


And that wraps up this week’s #ScreenshotSaturday favourites. If you liked what you saw, make sure you go check out the developers and their games and show them some support. If not, you can always come back next week to see if we have something else that floats your boat.

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