Runescape’s first major expansion of the year now available

A couple weeks ago I reported on the fact Runescape  was getting new content in the form of Fractured Worlds. Yes, I was as shocked as most people my age to find out the game is in fact still going strong.

Well yesterday developer Jagex announced even more news for the game as it announced the first major expansion to be released this year was now available free for Runescape members. The expansion, titled Menaphos: The Golden City, is the largest to be released in the game’s 16 year history and is something that fans of the game will no doubt have been waiting for, for a very long time. Why? Because the desert city in which you can now explore has actually been in the game for over a decade, but was inaccessible due to the city gates being shut.

The gates to the Golden City are now open for all to explore though and with it comes a whole host of extra content;

  • 4 brand-new story quests
  • procedurally-generated City Quests
  • a new Slayer Dungeon
  • an increased level cap of 120 for the popular Slayer skill
  • a maze-like Shifting Tombs mini-game
  • a graphical overhaul of the entire in-game desert region.

If you’re not a paying member of Runescape  and want to see what all the fuss is about, then you’ll be happy to know that Jagex are holding an open access weekend starting this Friday (09/06/2017) and finishing on Monday (12/06/2017). So if you want to explore the expansion and the wider Runescape world you were previously unable to enter, make sure you get online this weekend.

And to keep you going until the then, take a gander at the trailer below:

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