Return of British wrestling to TV postponed indefinitely

I have to say when I heard about the return of World of Sport (WOS) Wrestling I got very excited. I’d grew up hearing of the legends who once graced our TV screens such as Big Daddy, and having been to a few independent wrestling events, I was hoping that maybe we’d see a return to the glory days of British wrestling. Sadly, it isn’t to be…yet.

Due to a contract dispute between ITV and their co-producers Impact Sport (formally TNA), the live show dates have been postponed indefinitely. They were originally due to start on May 25th and May 26th at Preston Guild Hall, however, that won’t be happening anymore. Fortunately for those who bought tickets, a full refund is being offered, with priority rights to buy tickets if/when new dates are announced.

Will the two co-producers be able to settle their differences and re-launch British wrestling into the spotlight where it deserves to be? Or much like the career of Hulk Hogan after the whole racism scandal, will it die a quick embarrassing death?

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