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Nintendo introduces Labo

Virtual Reality gaming is an expensive hobby. On top of having to already have the hardware to play games on, you then have to go and spend another few hundred pounds of your VR equipment.

That could soon be about to change though after Nintendo paved their way into the VR arms race by releasing an introductory trailer to their new interactive build-and-play kit, the Labo. UK prices haven’t actually been mentioned yet, but going by the US price of one kit costing $69.99 and the other $79.99 then it is going to be a much cheaper option but is it worth it when A) it’s just cardboard, and B) you have to build it yourself?

The kits, of which there are two, are designed to inspire creative minds and playful hearts alike. Allowing gamers to build pianos, fishing rods and more, Nintendo has clearly stuck to their guns of producing fun to play content, as opposed to focusing on manufacturing hardware that is resource heavy and extremely costly. But will a cardboard VR kit be enough to compete with other formats of playing VR games? Only time will tell.

For now, just check out the awesome reveal trailer that was launched in the late hours of yesterday.


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