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Mythgard Twitch Extension is Now Live for Streamers Playing the Open Alpha

Mythgard, the dark urban fantasy collectable card game that was announced a few months ago… well… it’s actually been playable – for free – this entire time.

The development team at Rhino Games didn’t want to mention it at first because it is still in an ‘alpha’ kind of state. Definitely a few more monthly updates need to happen before they’re ready to launch this thing.

Anyhow! They recently added in a Twitch extension, a nice clean overlay for viewers to take a look at the cards they’ve got, so we thought we would let you know about it. The details page is on Twitch here: https://www.twitch.tv/ext/gaq39x55oswqy4nwmcnsv85lmfysfk-0.0.1

If you do start streaming Mythgard tag them on Twitter (@mythgardgame) and they’ll give you the ol’ retweet treatment.

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