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Mushroom Wars 2 today received Linux support, which means that even more players will now be able to play Zillion Whales‘ strategy title. Mushroom Wars 2, the sequel of PC strategy hit Mushroom Wars, released earlier in the month on Steam, while a console release is planned for the near future.



Along with Linux support, the update also provided the facility to download the game’s soundtrack, which features 8 tracks composed and recorded by Konstantin Chistyakov. Mushroom Wars 2 features competitive and cooperative multiplayer with up to four player action, including a 2v2 battle between human players. It is also worthy to note that single player campaign contains boss levels, to up the challenge that little extra to keep players engaged and attentive.


A Global Cup is being hosted on ESL and its closing dates are the 22nd of October, meaning this Sunday. Anyone interested has to hurry up and register through the link here, as sign up chances are running out by the minute!


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