I love games; horrors and puzzle/strategy are my favourite genres but I enjoy playing pretty much anything. I still believe a good story is important and shouldn't play second fiddle to the multiplayer experience unless via a co-op campaign. I also enjoy watching football, supporting the mighty Liverpool, as well as drinking tea and petting my kittens.

We recently reviewed the premium edition of MAGIX Music Maker; an amazing piece of music editing software that is ideal for anyone interested in music production or even small bands looking to record their own sounds with a professional finish. For the first time in twenty years though, MAGIX have announced that they will now be giving away a FREE edition of their Music Maker suite.

The FREE edition comes with full features, but as you probably guessed, a limited amount of content. Still not bad considering most free software does restrict what features you have access to. So, before I bore you to death with more of my jibber jabber, I’ll just leave you with this link to download the software and the free full version trailer of Music Maker as well.

 Download Music Maker free edition HERE


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