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Lords of the Fallen artwork showing three people battling outside a snowy castle

Lords of the Fallen comes to Mobile Devices

It has been a while since its release on console, but I still remember when I managed to get hold of Lords of the Fallen for review on the previous site I worked for. The game was excellent; it was entertaining, it was challenging and when you made progressed you felt a real sense of pride for beating the game.

Now mobile gamers will have a chance to jump in on the action too as Lords of the Fallen Mobile launches tomorrow on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Yup, CI Games are bringing the title to mobile devices with a swipe-based 1-on-1 combat system using mechanics familiar to RPG fans.

The game boasts having 12 detailed and creepy locations, 30 monster types and 12 bosses, and 60 weapons, 15 amulets, and 80 nerve-wracking combat encounters. If you’d like to know more you can check out their Twitter page HERE. Otherwise, just check out the trailer below and get ready to download it to your mobile tomorrow.


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