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Hoo Games launch update to Magic Traps

There are so many Indie developers in this world there is no way you can know them all unless you have a photographic memory maybe, but that doesn’t mean the ones you haven’t heard of aren’t any good. For example, I bet 9/10 of you reading this have never heard of Hoo Games, a small indie studio dedicated to making fun mobile games.

Well, here at FULLSYNC we’re all about supporting the small guys whether they be streamers, developers, publishers and whatever else you can think of, and so you can guarantee we’ll bring you just as much news from the little guys as we do the big guns.

And so we’re pleased to announce that yesterday, Hoo Games released a new update to their mobile game Magic Traps. This is a nice little adventure game in which you solve numerous puzzles set out over 26 levels. There is no real story to it as such, but it is an addictive little title with awesome retro graphics and best of all it’s free, so definitely worth checking out. The latest update doesn’t change too much, just fixes a few bugs from older versions, better controls for the player and it has added a rate button to the game so you can let the developer know exactly what you think of it.

Here’s the trailer to show you the game in action:


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  • Hoogames says:

    I did another update to the game. Now there are a total of 52 levels and extra 26 levels in hardmode. You first have to create the normal and then the hardmode to be able to play the new levels in Dragon Castle. So have fun and have a look at Hoogames.

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