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A day late, but better later than never hey? Here’s the first of our new regular gaming news roundups with our new header image courtesy of Mr Matty MyStRo. So without further hesitation, here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

The Adventures of Wooley Mountain begin in 2018

Huey Games announced on Monday that they’ll be publishing Lightfoot Bros Point & Click adventure, The Adventures of Wooley Mountain. The game, which incorporates a humorous plot that sees a group of eccentric time-travelling audio scientists trying to track down kidnapped children, has been in the work for some time. But, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game will now be coming to PC, Mac and mobile in 2018.

To go alongside the announcement, it was also revealed that if you pre-order the Collectors USB Cassette edition of Hyper Sentinel (saving 20% with discount code “wooll3y”), you would also receive access to an exclusive demo for The Adventures of Wooley Mountain. That’s not all either, as this awesome trailer was also released…

UK publisher plans to raise awareness of Mental Health Issues

It’s a hot topic at the moment and one that is currently not being dealt with in the best way by the NHS. Not down to the great staff that turn up every day to work, but the lack of funding that the government is making available for it as well as a lack of awareness. Well, Wired Productions want to change that, and they won’t be doing it alone. They’ll be teaming up with TakeThis, Inc, a non-profit charity who specialise on trying to raise awareness of mental health issues in communities.

Leo Zullo, Managing Director of Wired Productions had this to say:

“Although issues concerning mental health are beginning to be talked about more openly, the job of raising public awareness is far from complete. Our aim over the next year is to bring much-needed funding to partners such as TakeThis, as well as other charities operating at local, national and international levels. The gaming community is such a caring collective, and we welcome its assistance in helping us bring these much-needed support services to those that need it most.”

Closed online test announced Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

Are you a season pass holder of Final Fantasy XV with either an Xbox Live Gold membership or PlayStation Plus? Well, we have some exciting news for you. Square Enix is launching a closed online test of the new Final Fantasy XV – Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades for PS4 and Xbox One, and those of you with Season Passes will be getting access.

The closed test will run from Thursday 3rd to Tuesday 8th August 2017, and the developers have stated that the test version may change drastically from the final version that will be released. That, unfortunately, means any progress will not be carried over when the full version is released, which may put a few people off playing, but I’m sure there will still be many dedicated fans logging on to check out what Comrades looks to offer.

If the news about the closed test wasn’t enough for you, we also have some screenshots of a work-in-progress build as well:

And that’s all we have time for. We’ll be back tomorrow with our technology news roundup tomorrow, and another game news roundup on Saturday.



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