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We knew it was going to be a busy week with Gamescom going on but my God what a lack of punches from the big guns. Potentially the last chance for Xbox to show off their new console to wow! viewers and encourage them to pre-order, yet there was nothing new announced apart from a vertical stand. Very disappointing to say the least. Anyway, here’s your midweek Gaming News roundup:

New Before the Storm trailer

Yes, it’s less than two weeks away now but that didn’t stop a new trailer being released for Life is Strange: Before the Storm at Gamescom. This latest one focuses a lot on the story and introduces us to a few more characters.


Final Fantasy XV heading to PC

Good news for those members of the master race as Square Enix is teaming up with NVIDIA to bring to you a new definitive edition of Final Fantasy XV. The definitive version of the game will host all the content previously available through purchasing a season pass on consoles, plus a few extras like a new first-person mode.

Not just that, but this new version will also make use of Square Enix’s Luminous Engine with NVIDIA’s GameWorks and other advanced technologies to give the game support for native 4K and 8K resolutions.

Offensive Combat: Redux! hits the shelf on Steam

This week Three Gates and SlapShot Games announced that you could purchase their newly released game, Offensive Combat: Redux!™, on Steam. The game, which is a fast-paced, frenetic online FPS game that lets players show their skill and play as a number of different unique characters including Commandos, Aliens, Geckos, Chickens, Orcs, Pirates, Disco Stars, and even Drumpf will also kick the launch week off with a 10% discount for anyone that buys it.

Here’s a short trailer to show you all the kinds of fun you could be getting up to:


Rise of the Tomb Raider getting a revamp

The new console hasn’t even been released yet and already the remakes are rolling in as Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced a new enhanced version of Rise of the Tomb Raider is on the cards for the Xbox One X.

Personally, I’m a little tired of seeing the same games being rehashed again and again, and I hardly think this is going to be a major selling point for the One X but each to their own I guess.

Xbox One X players can choose from one of three visual modes, including:

  • Native 4K: (full 3840 by 2160) for highest fidelity resolution
  • Enriched Visuals for stunning graphic upgrades
  • High Frame Rate for the smoothest possible gameplay

New Xbox One X tech enhancements for Rise of the Tomb Raider include:

  • HDR display support for more vibrant and accurate color representation technology
  • Spatial audio support, including Dolby Atmos®, for true 3D audio
  • Enhanced texture resolution for Lara Croft®, NPCs, and environments, leveraging additional memory offered by the Xbox One X
  • Improved anti-aliasing for immersive realistic details

Additional visual enhancements include:

  • Improved volumetric lights
  • Improved reflections
  • Enhanced foliage
  • Upgraded polygonal detail
  • Amplified texture filtering
New MOTHERGUNSHIP trailer released

A FPS that allows you to customise your weapons and blow alien scum to smitherines? Count me in!

Grip Digital and Terrible Posture Games have been busy this week showcasing their game MOTHERGUNSHIP at Gamescom and will be taking it along to PAX West as well, giving passersby the chance to demo the onslaught.

Here’s a trailer to hopefully sign up some more recruits to battle against the alien menace:


And that’s it until our end of week roundup on Saturday where we’ll be back with more of the latest gaming news for all you peoples.

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