Gaming News roundup

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far guys, if not, here’s a little gaming news roundup to help you make it through.

Fictorum arrives on PC

A while back this game was featured in our #ScreenshotSaturday favourites. Since that footage we shared with you peeps the developers have put a lot of work into the game and it has now officially been released.

You can pick it up HERE, but just in case you want to know a little more before you dive straight in, here’s the release trailer to show you what’s going down in Fictorum.


NEXON looking financially sound

NEXON the company responsible for bringing you games such as Dungeon&Fighter and MapleStory released their financial figures for the second quarter this week, and they did much better than they’d expected.

  • Second quarter revenues were 47.1 billion yen, up 23% year-over-year on an as-reported basis, exceeded our outlook primarily driven by Dungeon&Fighter China’s successful 9thanniversary update and item sales.
  • Operating income was 16.3 billion yen, exceeded our outlook primarily due to the strong performance in high-margin China business.
  • Net income1 was 19.4 billion yen, exceeded our outlook primarily due to operating income outperformance and an additional 6.3 billion financial income primarily from FX gain.

Owen Mahoney, President and Chief Executive Officer of NEXON:

“By every measure, Nexon had a great quarter. We’re delivering high-quality games, growing player engagement, and we’ve got a clear plan for long-term growth. Our positive second quarter results, including revenues, operating and net income exceeded our outlook and were primarily driven by the strong performance of Dungeon&Fighter and MapleStory — two powerful franchises that are a testament to Nexon’s unique mastery of live game development and operations to drive player engagement. Our foundation of successful titles support a rich pipeline for the second half of 2017, including eagerly-awaited games such as LawBreakersTitanfall: AssaultBattlejack, and Dark Avenger 3.”

Team Racing League hits Steam

Remember Micro Machines? Well, there’s a new top-down miniature car game that hit the market this week, Team Racing League. Built on a new concept of team racing in which rather than just a straight dash for the finish line, you use your team mates to create blockades and take out the opposition, this unique little number can be found right HERE on Steam. And what’s more, we’ll have a review of it going live on Monday.

If you haven’t seen the trailer in our previous news coverage, then here it is again for you to cast your eyes over:



And that’s your lot for today. We’ll be back with our #ScreenshotSaturday favourites tomorrow morning and a fresh new review hot off the press Monday, as well as our UKIE chart update. Come back soon!


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