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So today’s my 2 year anniversary with the other half, and how am I celebrating? Leaving her at home to do uni work whilst I swan off to Anfield for some Champion’s League action. Who says romance is dead. Anyway, you’re not here to hear about my love life, let’s get on to the midweek gaming news roundup…

Mantis Burn Racing DLC now available

It was announced yesterday that VooFoo Studios, the team behind the award-nominated top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing, were releasing their BATTLE CARS DLC for the game on PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Gamers who get in on the action will be rewarded with new cars, better weapons, and three new battle modes.

Here’s the trailer to show you the insane times that lie ahead of you:


Play Expo Manchester launches generous indie initiative

Play Expo Manchester which is run by Replay Events takes place this year at EventCity, Manchester, over the weekend of the 14th-15th October, and yesterday they announced some excellent news for indie developers. As an incentive to encourage more of them to set up shop and show off their stuff at the largest games expo in the North of England, indie developers will be able to apply for a free space to go along and showcase their game(s) to huge crowds that will be in attendance.

Not all indies will be able to get the special treatment though, with free places being considered on a case-by-case basis. Still, it is an excellent opportunity for many small teams who are looking for opportunities to get their games some extremely good exposure.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is going to EGX

Having just held the Insomnia, the UK’s largest gaming festival (read about our trip to it HERE), the NEC is already getting ready for another wave of gamers to turn up for EGX 2017. There are going to be so many games on show that some people’s mind may literally explode from an excitement overload, and added to the already impressive list of titles that will be making an appearance is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

The team-based brawler will be hosting some epic battles which visitors can join in with in order to win the most coveted of all prizes, an exclusive Dissidia Final Fantasy NT medal. Not just that, but to really set the atmosphere, there will be live commentary on all the action as well.

Mushroom Wars 2 sets up ESL tournament for game launch

If you’ve not heard of Mushroom Wars 2 then I don’t blame you as I hadn’t either until I wrote this piece. The game, developed by Zillion Whales, as an action-packed RTS in which tribes of mushrooms face off against each other for reasons I just can’t comprehend.

The game launches on October 6th and it’ll be doing so in style with the ESL hosting an eSports tournament in which participants will pit their troops against each other in fierce 1v1 matches with a cumulative prize pool of over $3,000.

Check out the game’s trailer below:


Maize launches on consoles

Ever fancied playing a game where a Russian robotic teddy bear walks around solving puzzles in a world where corn is a living creature? Well, now you can with thanks to Finish Line Games who have created Maize, a first-person puzzle adventure game. The game released worldwide on both PS4 and Xbox One yesterday, and is also available on Steam.

Here’s the games launch trailer for you to sink your teeth into. Just remember to check in the mirror you don’t get any corn stuck in them before you head outside.


Sine Mora EX gets two release dates for Nintendo Switch

Yes, you read that right. Sine Mora EX has been given two release dates for the extended version of the critically acclaimed Sine Mora which is coming to Nintendo Switch. Why? Because American’s need to make themselves feel important so they will be receiving the game on September 26th, whilst the rest of the world who have patience and don’t need to top-up their ego will be receiving the game on October 10th.

If you fancy registering interest in the game, click HERE for a link to the Nintendo eShop.

And that about does it for me today; keep an eye out for more reviews, news and general other rubbish from us over the rest of the week. Ciao!

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