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While thanking Josh for his err.. somewhat kind description of me, it’s time for another roundup of this gaming week’s news!




The much awaited first batch of downloadable content for Bandai Namco‘s acclaimed fighting game has finally been released. This DLC features Ultimate Tekken Bowl, a feature which I remember playing in the first Tekken Tag Tournament, a mere … 15 years ago. The downloadable content also features some new costumes, like Idol Master costumes for all female characters or Fundoshi for all males, as well as other character specific ones. The DLC also brought a new patch, released a day before, which consists mainly of online stability, giving players a better multiplayer experience. This DLC is included in the Season Pass, so owners do not need to spend a single dime to send them pins rolling!



Massive Square Enix hit Life is Strange‘s sequel is now out on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PC, and to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated sequel, Square Enix have published a short video where real life people, like you and I, express their feelings about friendship and other themes which are so dominant in Life is Strange, and which you can find below. WATCH IT. SERIOUSLY.

Before the Storm is a 3-part episodic which follows the adventures of Chloe Price and Rachel Amber, two very different girls but who form a beautiful and meaningful friendship which will help both venture forward through whatever life throws at them. The story is a “prequel” only in name to the adventures of Life is Strange, since Before the Storm is set three years before Max’s story.



London based musical trio Daughter has released Music from Before the Storm, the official musical soundtrack of Square Enix‘s newly released title Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Being Daughter’s first experience composing an original soundtrack, we can expect they were very excited about it.

The first single of the album, “Burn It Down” is receiving massively positive reviews from a plethora of outlets, even including Billboard who go all in declaring how the score will be something unique in the gaming landscape. Music is fundamental to the setting of the atmosphere in a game; it can totally build a game with the use of correct sound and music, but even the best of ideas will fall through if the musical accompaniment fails to deliver.

This does not look the case with Before the Storm, as Daughter seem to have made a deep connection to the protagonists of the game, which has helped them craft the soundtrack which will be accompanying Rachel and Chloe throughout the three episodes which Square has revealed for the series.

Life is Strange is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.



In a release which definitely is not as cringey as this news piece’s title, Square Enix has developed a free update for all Final Fantasy XV owners which will let them wear the robes of an expert assassin, through a festival in Lestallum held in honour of some hero from the city’s past. There are costumes available for both Noctis and the gang, as well as new mechanics which resemble a lot the ones in Ubisoft’s massive franchise. The festival will run from the 31st of August until the 31st of January of next year, so you’ll have plenty of time to go through it how many times you want.


The free update also delivers contents to the base game itself, like a Bestiary, where players can inspect defeated enemies, which is now available on the menu screen, as well as a Chapter Select, which as the name implies permits players to select the chapter that they want to play. This feature is only available once the game is completed.



That has been this weekend’s roundup, dominated by Square Enix. I would have done more but Malta just lost to England at home and I really do not like the English Language right about now. Cheers!

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