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Well, I’m back, and I’d like to thank Chris for filling in for me while I was away partying at i61. You’ll be glad to know that Chris will be taking over the weekend news roundup from now on, so you’ll get to read lots more sexy words that are typed by his lady-like fingers. Enough of Chris’ feminine features, it’s time for your midweek news roundup!

Medieval Steve hits Kickstarter

A game I was fortunate enough to play at Insomnia 61 but not fortunate enough to master and win a competition for, Medieval Steve, has launched on Kickstarter. The side-scrolling puzzle platformer, with yep you guessed it, a medieval theme sends you on a knight’s quest to battle enemies, collect gems and solve puzzles to save the world. I have to admit I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it does win you over as a great little game to play, and we really hope enough people get behind it to bring the game to life. If you feel like getting behind the game or just finding out a little more about it, you can check Medieval Steve out on Kickstarter HERE.

H1Z1: King of the Kill gets a new update

In what is the game’s largest update of the year, Daybreak Games have introduced a whole host of new content and improved mechanics to make the player’s experience just that little more awesome.

  • New Weapon: Introducing the Hellfire 4-6 submachine gun, which was designed for close-quarter fights. This bad boy will have you mowing down your enemies in no time as you spray your bullets across the map.
  • Intuitive Gunplay: A rebalancing of all the game’s guns means each one will offer players a distinct play style and will also increase both proficiency and precision.
  • Dynamic Cameras: The camera system has been enhanced to enable players to better navigate around the map.
  • New POIs: It wouldn’t be an H1Z1 update if there weren’t any new POIs, and this time there have been five new ones added to increase variety in fights and to the map. The new places to explore are East Valley Shopping Center, Harris County Fairgrounds, CWP Water Treatment Authority, CWP Utilities Compound 62, and a remade Sunny Pines residential area.
  • Improved Navigation: Not only does the dynamic camera system make it easier to see what you’re doing, but the compass has been updated to allow you to better mark POIs and also make it easier to navigate around maps.

There’s plenty more to add to that too, but I’m tired so click HERE for a link to all the patch notes identifying every little detail.

New Lost Sphear gameplay trailer released

Announced for release on PC, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch in January 2018, today Square Enix revealed a new gameplay trailer for their game Lost Sphear. Showcasing the game’s battle system, the new trailer gives viewers an insight into what they can expect from the studio responsible for I Am Setsuma. So without further delay, here it is:


And that’s it for today, I’m still recovering from i61 so I’m catching up on a lot this week. We’ll have more news on the weekend.

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