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FUZE Code Studio announced for Nintendo Switch

Ever wished you could create your own video games? Maybe you were underwhelmed by the launch titles on the Switch and thought “this console needs more games if I only I could code”. Well, soon you’ll be able to do that thanks to FUZE Code Studio.

What is FUZE Code Studio you say? It’s a software designed for use by people of all ages and abilities, whether young or old, experienced or not, that helps them learn to code. It motivates and inspires its users through FUZE’s unique methods, which is designed so even children as young as six can learn to code using a real text-based language.

So if you’re looking at getting into game development, or maybe you’ve a child who is looking for a hobby involving computer games, then FUZE Code Studio is the perfect learning tool for them to use. It is aiming for a release date sometime in Q2 2018, so be sure to visit their website HERE in the meantime so as not to miss any development or release news.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Easy to learn text-based programming language
  • No coding experience required
  • Create your own apps and fast 2D – 3D games
  • Access Joycon sensors and controls directly in your programs
  • Use the Dock to show your games on your TV to share with friends and family
  • Programmable synthesiser & Speech engine
  • Use the included game graphics & audio or create your own
  • Extra content packs will be available to download
  • Use a USB keyboard, the FUZE touch keyboard or the Joycons to enter your code
  • Comes with game graphics and audio and you can create your own
  • Learn to code
  • A stepping stone between visual coding simulators currently used in most primary schools and real-world languages like Python, Java and C++/# etc
  • Interact with external devices, sensors and motion controls in ways not previously possible.

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