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Full Sync’s #screenshotsaturday favourites

It’s that time of week again where we give you a glimpse of some of the cool work that is going on in the indie dev world. Thus far we’ve had everything from promotional artwork to behind the scenes developer footage, videos of pre-alpha gameplay and much more on top. So, without further delay, here are this week’s top finds from #screenshotsaturday.

First up is a short video of from the game Fictorum by Scraping Bottom Games (yes that is their real name so no laughing at the word bottom). The game sees you become a powerful mage, and I’m not too sure whether in this clip you’re a giant smashing a tree into a house, or if you’re just terrorising a model village because the sizing to me seems it may be a little off. Still, gave me enough of a chuckle I had to include it in today’s article.


The next find we thought was deserving of a mention today was Bounty: Nalia’s Tale by DinoByte Softworks, an action RPG with a female protagonist. The story follows Nalia, a former Marshall of the law who became a bounty hunter in a bid for revenge against a band of raiders who ruined her future. This image shows some of Nalia’s attack animations, which caught my eye because it reminded me of lightsabers and then I remembered I had to pre-order a copy of Star Wars: Rogue One.

And the final piece this week is taken from a building sim which is like no other I have seen before. Remember the film Water World? You know, the one with Kevin Costner that had loads of money spent on it and made very little? It was described as a massive flop despite the fact I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes? No? Well anyway, the premise of the film is much like Flotsam by Pajama Llama Games, the world is flooded and now you have to survive. In this game, you do that by building a town, but no ordinary town, one like the posh hotels in Dubai that operate both above and below sea level. This is a paintover of an in-game screenshot and I have to see it looks like an awesome game.

And that’s all we have time for this week because I have to get up to take the flooring up in our bedrooms as we’re having a new central heating system put in tomorrow. Hope your Sunday is more relaxing than mine, and don’t forget to come back again next week for another edition of Full Sync’s #screenshotsaturday favourites.

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