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Full Sync’s #screenshotsaturday favourites

First off, on behalf of everyone here at Full Sync I just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter. For me, there is no better time of the year than right now because it is the one day where it socially acceptable to eat so much chocolate that you throw up. I’ve tried my best to keep all of today’s mentions Easter related and to kick start things off we have a game called Bunny Skyrunner. Now it’s not an Eastery game, but I do have it on good authority that the Bunny in Bunny Skyrunner is a distant relative of the big guy himself who delivers all the chocolate eggs. The game is made by Bitserum, a development team from Croatia, which by the way is a lovely country and you should all definitely visit sometime, particularly the city of Zadar. Anyway, here’s their #screenshotsaturday moment.

Next up is a game called The Executioner and going by the dictionary definition, execution describes “the carrying out of a sentence of death”, of which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was given when nailed to the cross. He then technically became a zombie, did something with the Rolling Stones and everyone celebrated with chocolate eggs. Easter link made, time to get back to the game. The Executioner is a horror RPG by Lesser Evil Games with a unique premise. You play the part of the Royal Executioner, and along your journey, you must kill and torture people in unimaginable ways whilst trying to stay sane and able to keep a clear conscience. Just keep telling yourself it’s all for the greater good would be our top tip.

 The final piece of our Easter themed puzzle is from team COIL and their title Puss the Game. My Easter link for this one was simple in that it had a clip of Jesus flying and I couldn’t find much else. But on a serious note, who doesn’t like Cats? No, really, tell me someone who doesn’t like cats. I will go down there, see how big they are and possibly give them a stern word or two if I think I can take them. Grudges against cat haters aside, this game looks amazing and trippy as hell so I think it best you avoid it if you’re super high or on LSD or something that may make you hallucinate.

And that’s it for this Easter themed edition of our #screenshotsaturday feature. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the piece, and also that we didn’t offend anyone too much, we obviously know that Jesus wasn’t a real zombie because he didn’t eat Brains (or at least the Bible doesn’t admit it). Have a good week all, and enjoy the bank holiday!

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