I have been a gaming enthusiast ever since I cried because we left my cousin's house because he had a PS1. Have been a hardcore gaming fan since 2010, where gaming helped me make key friendships including the one which gave birth to Full Sync. I love football and do not discriminate between gaming genre. Show me a trailer and I will judge then. Am also a Tekken fanatic too, so if you wish to fight me just hit me up!

This is the first podcast for Full Sync Gaming, where we discuss indie games and their place in the gaming landscape and how they are faring in recent times. Since this is our first podcast and we haven’t really equipped ourselves for it, the audio may not be the clearest, and maybe not even our ideas. Stick around though as we progress on our journey, not only the audio will be clearer, but even our thoughts and ideas will be much more refined!

Until next time, see ya!

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