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Fnatic Gear unleash new silent keyboard

Everyone who knows anything about eSports will know who Fnatic are, and on the weekend their merch wing Fnatic Gear released the latest addition to their long list of best-in-class grade peripherals, the RUSH Silent. Yep, using Cherry MX Silent switches, the RUSH Silent will allow gamers to play games on their PC without all the clicky clicky noises made by tapping away on their keyboard. Ideal for those gamers who really like to work in peace and quiet, or even those who live/work with partners who are always complaining about the noise of keys being repeatedly bashed in. The new keyboard design also has two additional pass-thru USB ports, something that shows Fnatic Gear have been listening to the voice of consumers, including a feature many want but seems to be rarely offered by top brands.

If you’d like to purchase this piece of kit yourself, or just see more specs on the RUSH Silent, you can visit the Fnatic Gear website by clicking HERE.

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