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First Strike Games team up with Nexon to publish new IP

First Strike Games started up in 2016, just like us guys. Although they seem to be doing a little better having just signed a big deal with Nexon to publish their new IP, whereas we are busy drinking tea and discussing what outfits my cats would look good in. The nameless game developed by CEO Kevin Franklin and his team of industry veterans is yet to be announced officially, but what we do know is it is going to be an online multiplayer experience, something the studio is looking to focus on heavily.

Here’s what Kevin had to say about the new deal:

“We are super focused on competitive multiplayer games at First Strike. In Nexon, we found a partner who has truly understood the gameplay we are exploring, has embraced our company vision and has contributed great ideas and expertise. We are looking forward to making amazing games together.”

There are probably only a select few with the knowledge of the new game that Nexon will be publishing for First Strike Games, but with the experience of the staff at the studio, I’d say it’s a safe bet it’ll be something to give you a tingle in your nether regions.

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