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Scary face from Daemonical

Fearem’s Daemonical out today

Today Fearem, developer of horrific asymmetrical multiplayer Daemonical, is pleased to announce the game’s release on PC.

Daemonical will retail at $14.99 | €12.99 | £10.99 and more information can be found via: https://store.steampowered.com/app/779100/Daemonical/

Features & Innovation:

  • Huge open landscape
  • Dense and realistic randomly generated vegetation
  • A big number of procedurally generated houses & interest points on the map
  • Procedurally generated collectable and ritual part locations
  • Each match the map is different
  • Realistic time of day
  • Real-time weather and amazing atmospheric environment sounds
  • Beautiful settings, atmosphere, landscape, environment
  • Freedom of choice – make your own horror
  • Proximity voice chat – can be used for role-playing
  • Realistic characters, character customization
  • Party system
  • Unity 3d engine

Daemonical presents differing gameplay depending if you play as Demon or Human which is played within a specified match time. The winning criteria for both – Humans – find 4 ritual parts and bring them back, or run and hide until the morning. Demon-killing 4 remaining humans before morning presents double gameplay value! Action, be it stealth or out and out dynamic activity, adds subtlety throughout with strategic forethought which is essential in what is a do or die scenario with shocks and surprises constantly giving Daemonical a feeling of being part of a horror movie!

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