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Exclusive Interview with Federico Diaz of WarPI Games

We love everyone who visits our site, well everyone except you Frank! Who am I kidding, Frank we love you too. Anyway, we know sometimes you can’t find the time to read our amazing interviews, so we decided to try and help you out. Yep, we’ve only gone and started recording the audio from our interviews and allowing you to listen to them on our site, or even download them from Soundcloud. So whether you play it in the background whilst writing essays or listen to it on the bus as you make your way to and from work, you can now listen to our wonderful voices and enjoy our interviews whenever and wherever.

Moving on, today we bring you an interview with Federico Diaz of WarPI Games. Learn all about what he’s done, the games he’s made and even who he thinks is the best footballer in the world. Enjoy!

If you really enjoyed listening to that, you can find more details about WarPI games below as well as where to find them on Social Media.

Developer Bio:

WarPI Games is an indie game developing company, created with the intention of bringing joyful experiences to anyone! We enjoy creating games, of almost any kind and genre!

Social Media:

Facebook: WarpiGames

Twitter: @WarPIGames



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