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Doug Cockle isn’t getting sacked in the morning

You may know him as the voice of Geralt in The Witcher series, but Doug Cockle is more than just one man, he is many men, voicing characters from video games far and wide, as well as making a few appearances in popular Hollywood movies.

And yesterday it was confirmed in a joint announcement by developer Haemimont Games, and independent games publisher Wired Productions, that Doug would be staying on in his role as Victor Vran for the upcoming console debut, which we’ll be reviewing for you. The new Overkill edition will hit PS4 and Xbox One (as well as the PC master race) this month and will include the new Motörhead: Through the Ages and Fractured Worlds DLC.

Some people may not be surprised that the developers haven’t moved away from their trusted voice actor, but it’s not uncommon for games to switch things up, such as Bungie when they replaced the voice of the Ghost from Destiny. Originally played by Hollywood’s biggest little star, Peter Dinklage, he was later replaced by Nolan North, known for playing the popular Nathan Drake.

Anyway, enough of me ranting. Here’s a small video of Doug chatting about his views on the Victor Vran project:

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