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Destiny 2 live stream summary

So we’ve just seen the Destiny 2 live stream from Bungie and here’s a quick summary of what has been revealed (will be updated live as more content is revealed):

  • Guardians have lost all their light, loot and powers
  • A new story, known as the Red War campaign
  • The new enemy is Dominus Gaul, the leader of a cabal group known as the Red Legion
  • Dominus Gaul believe he and the Red Legion were the rightful ones to inherit to the power granted by the traveller
  • All new weapons, armour and brand new exotics
  • New weapon slots – Kinetic/Power/Energy
  • New supers – Arcstrider (Hunter), Sentinel (Titan) and Dawnblade (Warlock)
  • New strikes and a new raid
  • The crucible returns with all modes being 4v4, a new HUD and new modes and maps
  • You can launch activities without going to orbit
  • Patrols – New treasure maps, lost sectors to discover and NPCs to meet
  • A new map – including four brand new worlds; Titan (Saturn’s moon), IO (The moon on Jupiter, the last place touched by the Traveler’s light), Nessus (A Vex machine world) and Earth (European dead zone)
  • Official clan support is coming into the game – Optional teams you can join making it easier to play with other people
  • Clan rewards – Everyone’s contributions count
  • Guided Games – Clans and solo players can meet to play co-op activities, recruit help to battle through raids, strikes and trials
  • A new gameplay trailer – Which you can see below
  • Beta to come out this summer
  • Destiny 2 will be available for PC exclusively through Blizzard’s Battle.net


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