Big developments in PvE eSports

Courtesy of our friends over in the US at Super Game Reviews, we’ve got some eSports news for Y’all.

Blizzard shook the competitive eSports world when it announced it’s PvE tournament with a cash prize of $100k. This tournament will feature the best of the best participants from all over the world, facing off within the hardest dungeons of the game. With 32 teams competing for such a big cup, there has to be a catch to compete… well there is.

To even earn entry to this tournament, challengers must go through Mythic Keystone dungeons with growing difficulty and earn high scores during the Proving Grounds.

The Proving Grounds will begin July 25th to August 8th, with players working through legions of dungeons proving their worth! Blizzard will score the top 5 hardest dungeons with their matching Keystone levels to determine who will move forward.  The 32 teams will consist of: 8 teams from China, 8 teams from Europe, 8 teams from the remaining Asia – Pacific and 8 teams from North & South America,

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