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Bandai Namco annouce release details for two popular Racing titles

Yesterday, 8th February 2017, Bandai Namco made announcements about two of their most popular racing titles.

The first of the two announcements was for Project Cars 2, the sequel to the hugely popular title developed by Slightly Mad Studios. Yes, they’ve extended their publishing partnership to bring you a new title which will feature an expanded roster of over 170 cars and 60+ tracks, a brand-new fan-requested Online Championships game mode, and additional racing disciplines – including ice, dirt, snow, and mud racing. Project Cars 2 only has been confirmed being released in the Americas so far but I’m sure the European release won’t be too far behind. Specific dates not confirmed yet, but they have announced we can expect to see it hit shelves late 2017.

The second of the two titles Bandai Namco has released details for is WRC 6, the acclaimed rally racing series developed by Big Ben Interactive. The latest instalment will be released in the Americas (excluding Brazil) on 3rd March 2017 and it will see the game offer 11 all new Super Special Stages that combine unique driving challenges with iconic environments from around the world, 100% accurate with the real stages. Not just that though as it will also include a split-screen multiplayer mode to challenge your friends on and more realistic vehicle behaviour than ever before to help players lose themselves in the rush of competition.

If you’re interested in Project Cars 2, you can find more information by visiting their site HERE.

And if you’re interested in WRC 6, you can click HERE to find more detailed information on their website.

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