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Award-winning card game released on mobiles

We’ve seen a bit of resurgence of card games in recent years, both in physical and digital formats. You have the hilariously offensive Cards Against Humanity, the bordering on being an advocate of abusing animals Exploding Kittens and just simple games such as Solitaire and Uno.

The latest popular game hitting the digital shelves though is Onirim whose release on both iOS and Android was announced by Asmodee Digital yesterday. Onirim was originally a physical card game that was nominated for a Golden Geek award by BoardGameGeek back in 2014, and old fans and new now get to experience this addicting title on mobile devices. There is a small price to pay of 99p to be able to access the game, which is nothing when you think of the hours and hours of fun you’ll have playing it.

Asmodee Digital had this to say about the release:

Onirim is the perfect game for mobile players—the unique art style and individual-focused gameplay make it ideal for 10- to 15-minute games. Fans of the card game will be proud of the care we’ve put into the digital version, and we hope new players will be surprised at how addictive the game can be!”

So, if you think you might like to try the game yourself, here are a couple of links to the App store and Google Play store:

And just in case you needed more convincing, we’ve included a little trailer for you too!

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