Gaming and tech reviews/news with a focus on simplicity, transparency, and quality.

I’d like to take a moment to establish our mission statement here. We are an entirely DIY group. We’re a journalistic parallel to an indie dev working from their bedroom. FULLSYNC is building from the ground up with a commitment to quality content and honest opinion. If we review a big game, it’s because we’ve bought it ourselves. When we get cool gadgets and accessories to review you can be sure we’ll run giveaways because we want to share the love.

I also want to ask that you forgive the site for the many, many changes in appearance it’ll go through over the next year or so. We’re still trying to shape it into the best it can be and that’s going to be an ongoing process. I didn’t want to launch the site after months of preening and networking. I wanted to get it going right away, so we could get right to the action and start writing.

If you’re providing us with stuff to write about we want you to be assured that we’ll cover your product with updates and news all the way beyond our initial article. If you’re an indie project like us we want to help you with press releases and proofreading. Equally, if you’ve got something you want to say, we’ll give you a platform. Guest articles and interviews are really important to our goal of diversifying the voices we hear in the gaming press on a daily basis.

We want the same thing that brought us together as friends and colleagues – a lifelong love of gaming and the industry that surrounds it – to be the thing that brings you together in our little project. Full Sync is out for honesty and quality first, everything else second.

Thanks for reading!

Love, the FULLSYNC Massive.